ECHO: Love Stories of Humanity

From Seed to Flower

A flower will grow through the smallest crack in cement. It will flourish and persevere regardless of the environment because it must. It must do what it is destined to do. That's how I see my sweet friend, Savannah. She's... Continue Reading →

Coffee and a Story

I arrived to my office at 5:45 this morning. As I was climbing the steps a man bundled up in a sleeping bag on one of our porch chairs said, "Hello, please don't be startled!" His cane laid next to... Continue Reading →

The Courage To Go On

  Loss changes us. It transforms the parts of hope and pain into something else that we don't recognize. And, even when time passes we still feel the ache deep in the core of our existence. I am always touched... Continue Reading →

A Master in Disguise

About two years ago I received an email from a woman who had read an article that I wrote for The Master Shift about my near-death experience. In her email she shared the details of a stroke she had months... Continue Reading →

Angels in the Snow

To these two angels who came along this morning to pull my little Kia Soul out of deep snow on the side of the road. I am grateful. These two sisters tied my "little toaster and popped it out" within... Continue Reading →

Love Through Text

I have a dear friend I met when I had my retreat center. He and his wife would come about every month or so. After her death we have become more like family. Every few days he sends me these... Continue Reading →

The Love of One

This morning in my way into town I stopped to see a sweet soul at an assisted living facility. She’s been in hospice care for a bit. I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I haven’t visited in a... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to be so Brave

Every so often I go visit elderly folks at an assistant living facility near my house.  There is this sweet lady who is like an old movie star. Her beauty is transcendent. I always stop to say hello. Today she... Continue Reading →

Go Be Happy

The absence of proof is not necessarily proof of any evidence. You want to hold certainty in your hands and it can’t be done. It’s not available. The proof of life is in living and being aware of your humanness.... Continue Reading →

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