black white hands

Twenty years ago I had a dream.  I was shown a banner with the initials E.C.H.O. and under the words Earth’s Children Humanitarian Organization.  In this vision I was standing on a stage speaking to an audience about humanity.  I was sharing stories from all walks of life.  This organization was the voice for those who did not have one: the single mother struggling with her children, the homeless man on the street begging for food and work, the veteran who could not fit back into his life, the mentally ill soul walking in the streets, and so many others. This page is dedicated to them and their courage to continue surviving in this world.  These folks can be your neighbors, teachers, cashiers, and even family or friends.  We all know someone who is walking alone.  We have witnessed darkness and have chosen to keep away from their pain. It’s your choice to look away or open your heart and listen to their legacies.

We all have a voice.  There are two needs in this world: to be heard and to be loved. Everyone deserves these rights.  I hope that when you read these stories you are moved to write your own and stop to help your brothers and sisters who occupy this earth with you.

With much love and light…

Millie A. Mestril