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The other day in Target I was getting coffee at the Starbucks counter when a beautiful woman in her early 70’s was behind me. She was stunning. Her make-up was perfect, she had a beautiful outfit…kind of hippie-ish and comfortable, and she had this bracelet all the way up to her upper arm. I turned around, staring into her deep gray-blueish eyes and told her that I had not seen such a gorgeous woman in a long time. She began to shake her head “No, no, no! I am not. I am old.” I immediately corrected her as I reached for her hand.

“Oh, darling, how can you not see the beauty in you? How do you not see the reflection in the mirror as you are getting dress and putting on your mask? You are stunning. You have more beauty and radiance than any person in their twenties. You carry your wisdom in each wrinkle and gray hair. You are divine. You are magical.”
“No one has ever told me this!” Which it’s hard to even comprehend.  “I have spent a lifetime looking for a man who would tell me these things.”

“Honey, these are things YOU need to see in you.  And, once you do another will see the reflections of your self-love.”

We hugged…like two little girls without inhibitions while the world looked at us through the fishbowl of their own judgments. Her thin body shook holding tears back as she thanked me.

I should’ve taken her picture. I should have asked her for a name. But, in that intimate moment of vulnerability she was feeling a sense of insecurity and I wasn’t about to tarnish a special moment.

I walked with coffee in hand, cradling my own heart and insecurities. I was touched by her energy and pure acceptance that we are in this together. I was touched by her hug and embrace that connected us in a cosmic universal way as if reminding us, “Hey, I know you. I have known you all of my life.”

The world needs more words of love. It needs more compliments. It needs kindness. It needs a smile to wipe the frown. It needs a touch to heal the wounds. As I was leaving she thanked me for being so generous with my words. I assured her it was easy because right in front of me I was entertaining an angel.

Today…and everyday…don’t forget to entertain angels. Don’t forget to see the light and love we all have to offer. Have a blessed day.