nobull peace prize

I met Welles several months ago through divine guidance. I received a package with a beautiful medal/award nominating me for a NoBull Peace Prize. This gentleman hands these medallions and goodies out to people who inspire him. I was deeply touched and moved. I felt like I actually won the Nobel Peace Prize. I immediately sent him a thank you card to the address on the package. He returned the gesture via email with a sweet note saying that in all the 30+ awards he had gifted he had not received a thank you card from anyone. Imagine giving of yourself and not receiving a thank you card? That’s unbelievable to me. It has opened up a curious genetic question in me: what does society need to be moved into compassion?

Welles and I have established a pen pal relationship, whether through emails or real snail mail. I look forward to his packages of love cards. He has a collection of love business cards he sends me and I hand them to strangers and homeless folks. They are all in beautiful messages of “love is the answer.” These cards make me joyous. I cannot explain the feelings. When I asked him to pay for the printing and shipping Welles shared his amazing and inspiring story:

First of all they are free. There’s a story behind that. I’ll give you a short version.

In 1969 I in a state of extreme distress I began asking inside for guidance. I received an answer in no uncertain terms. The stimulus of that inquiry included being forcibly ejected from society through a series of events too long to recount. Among other things I had just seen 20,000 or more Vietnam wounded come through a hospital where I was repairing medical electronic equipment. I had ended up in the military after being threatened with prison if I didn’t enlist ‘voluntarily’ by my father. ’National security’ was given as his excuse. The reality was personal embarrassment about a draft dodger son. I had been raised in a family near the apex of society so I had some first hand knowledge of the men who created wars. Anyway the pain of all those wounded had such an emotional impact that I had a total break with ‘reality.’ It was ejection by rejection.” (Let me pause here because as I read this I began to cry for what I can only imagine the pain this man went through alone in those days)

Some four years later I had my one truly transcendent experience. Shortly after that I ended up walking around the world for about three years in an experiment. I refused to touch money to find out if it was the end-all and be-all of existence as I had been conditioned to believe. I helped people everywhere I went and only accepted that which I was given freely, without solicitation. I must have shared lives with 10,000 people during that period. Life was a series of non-stop miracles as I hitchhiked all over the US. The last year I went without shoes, got sick of the experiment and quit. Only a couple of friends sort of knew what I was doing. I just had at it without any support system other than divine.

One of the results of that period was my determination to build a new economic system based on giving. So for the last 40 odd years I’ve done the best I can to give to others in every exchange. My goal is to give more than I receive. In that way I’m building human equity in a world of giving. Now considering that this goal can only be realized through a base of real spiritual growth and I was just as messed up as anyone else it has been a long process. All along that goal of giving has been working but never with much of a surplus more than time. I’ve had my time very free to create and grow in pragmatic spiritual directions. For example I can feel when my consciousness is heart centered rather than gut centered. Real spiritual stuff is practical and experiential rather than a bunch of ideas although the ideas are sometimes helpful in supporting personal efforts.”

Imagine the concept and belief from one person who has changed my life with his generosity? Imagine the many others I am sure are out there? I have become his student. His distribution of the Love-is-the-Answer cards has to be free to maintain his economic system. He mentions to me that money is too complex for the likes of him. His kindness is contagious. It is teaching me to give and give and give some more while adding to his economy creation of love. He believes my blog does this. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but I do know that the moment he entered my life things have been changing and transitioning with love in the center of it all.

Compassion is a flower whose sweetness is magical. We need more folks like Welles. We need more of those who are called to change through spiritual guidance. I, for one, feel the shift in my consciousness when I come in contact with a stranger who wants nothing but to be loved and acknowledged. As one of his cards say: Love is the answer…Angels are People Too!

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