Whenever we stop thinking in a grandiose way the world will begin to shift. I have heard so many folks stating that they wish they could make a difference in the world: feeding the hungry in Africa, saving humanity elsewhere, etc. But, nothing gets done in their backyards. There’s much to be done here! A smile at a check-out aisle, a sweet word to a stranger, a coffee for a veteran, a muffin gifted to a homeless person…. Rather than think BIG and allow EGO to create a dramatic entrance, why don’t we just start small? Send a card to a friend letting him/her know that they are a gift in your life. Text someone out of the blues with a sweet message and laughter. Leave a bag of sweetness or a candle on a neighbor’s door. You never know how much that person might need that acknowledgment on that day. Life begins and ends in our circle of gratitude. Yes, it’s wonderful to think of helping humanity out there, but there’s much that can be done right here. There are folks needing humanness here while knowing that they matter. Leave a ten dollar gift certificate on a door of a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. We all matter! We all can make a difference when we shift our perception to here and now. Let’s remove the grandiose attitude. Sit with a stranger. Share stories, break bread, share a touch, and allow the world to change you while making a difference here in your county, your town, your yard. We all just want to be appreciated and loved. Focus on your backyard and open your eyes to the things that tug and pull at your heart! There’s heartache here. There’s much work to be done right here. Live life outside of your comfort zone and watch how the magic appears. The AHA moments will blow you away. I love you…have a great day, a sweet week, and a fabulous June!