I have a dear friend I met when I had my retreat center. He and his wife would come about every month or so. After her death we have become more like family. Every few days he sends me these beautiful texts sharing life, letting me know tidbits of his day, and most importantly reminding me of what’s important. 

I love this man. He is the epitome of true selflessness. I am always learning from him. Most days his texts arrive on a timely manner as if an angel was watching over me. My heart opens up and we share a small conversation.  

Some nights before he starts his job on the road I will ask for a prayer which he then passes onto others as he travels for over 500 miles. It’s in these nights I seem to sleep even better…just knowing that others are with me in thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you for your words today, dear friend. They are invaluable to me and to others who also need them…