About two years ago I received an email from a woman who had read an article that I wrote for The Master Shift about my near-death experience. In her email she shared the details of a stroke she had months prior. We emailed each other every day for weeks. She would share experiences and I would share stories. Linda Masters has a way of writing with the most whimsical Southern tone, just like her voice. And from one article two strangers became friends.

Two months later she drove over four hours to wish me a happy birthday, to turn around and drive back home. I was completely touched and moved by that act of kindness. I asked her to stay the night in our motel. She did after a lot of begging and pleading. We sat for a long time talking and sharing in person. We dove straight into the mysteries that make us who we are. Her light was (and is) extraordinary. The woman is a giant lighthouse although she’s a tiny person. Her love and personality are larger than life. If I have to be stuck with someone on a deserted island I want it to be her cause there would never be a dull moment…ever! Linda and I spend more time giggling than anything else. I don’t know how we ever get anything accomplished.

A year later, this little lady helped me move my daughter into her new place. She drove up just for that, never asking for anything but giving all of herself. One of my favorite attributes of a person is the willingness to give and share without expecting a single thing in return.

There have been times during the last two years that I have endured some major financial struggles. Linda has been there always reaching out and making sure I wouldn’t fall into a depression. She has this sixth sense about me that is uncanny. And, our connection is a two way frequency. I can also tell when she’s undergoing some struggles of her own. But, never, ever have I ever heard this sweet soul complain about anything in her life.

If you ask her what and why she does what she has done for me, I am sure she would say something kind. The truth is that kindness is a two way street. She has become one of my greatest teachers of true compassion. The woman knows not a single stranger. She collects her own stories from the heart and, like an onion, starts pulling back the layers until she can get to the soul of it all.

On one of her first emails she let me know that she was searching for answers to the big questions. She wanted to dive into the mysteries of consciousness and divinity and, I guess, she expected me to have some of the answers. But, I didn’t and I don’t have them. I believe she has received guidance beyond what she could have ever imagined from just reaching out to a total stranger while entertaining the idea that two completely odd creatures, from different cultures and walks of life, can become buddies.

I am touched by folks everyday. Some days stand out stronger than others. Other days the person I meet teaches me about life beyond any book or lesson of my own. This is Linda. Her name in Spanish means “Beautiful,” and she is above and beyond this. I am forever grateful that she took the chance to send me an email that has forever changed my life.

Linda Masters, you rock!!!