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Lifetime Love Story

During my time as a hotel/retreat owner I met amazing people. Thousands walked through our doors. I heard stories of all types: challenges, sorrows, joys, marriages, divorces, illnesses, births, careers changes, like altering experiences, love stories and those of loss.... Continue Reading →

Gratitude for the Simple Things

Yesterday I met a homeless woman outside of Starbucks (lots of wonderful things always happen to me outside of these coffee shops). She had a supermarket cart with all her belongings near downtown Asheville. I stopped and asked if she... Continue Reading →

Aspire to Inspire Everyone You Meet

Every time I visit a certain facility I come across this sweet woman with dementia who never remembers me. I pop into her room because she’s so lovely. Her hair is always up with sparkling clips. She is just darling.... Continue Reading →

An Angel in Disguise

Sometimes we meet folks just to guide us for a few minutes. They become mentors to something special. They leave an imprint inside the heart through a word and a memory. Then when we least expect it later on that... Continue Reading →

The Circle of Gratitude 

Whenever we stop thinking in a grandiose way the world will begin to shift. I have heard so many folks stating that they wish they could make a difference in the world: feeding the hungry in Africa, saving humanity elsewhere,... Continue Reading →

Love is the Answer

I met Welles several months ago through divine guidance. I received a package with a beautiful medal/award nominating me for a NoBull Peace Prize. This gentleman hands these medallions and goodies out to people who inspire him. I was deeply... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Stranger

The other day in Target I was getting coffee at the Starbucks counter when a beautiful woman in her early 70's was behind me. She was stunning. Her make-up was perfect, she had a beautiful outfit...kind of hippie-ish and comfortable,... Continue Reading →

Here’s Charlie!

One doesn't have to go far to find a teacher, an inspiration, or even a mentor. Sometimes those folks come right to you.  And, when they do it only takes a moment to realize there's something magically important in that... Continue Reading →

Starbucks Man

The philosophies of each person are based on time, experience, and places. They are created by the wisdom and the molding in each particular person and how they perceive their immediate world. It is sometimes difficult to see past the... Continue Reading →

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